“A Maze in Tchaiovna” is a teahouse that originally opened in June 2014 in Letná. After gaining a great deal of popularity over the past year, they moved to a bigger location in Hradčanská in October 2015. “A Maze in Tchaiovna” has a wide selection of teas, vegetarian and vegan toasties along with a draft IPA beer and bottled Svijany.

The teahouse offers a cosy living-room atmosphere where visitors can find themselves surrounded with books, musical instruments and board games. It host hosts live music shows, art exhibitions, poetry nights, workshops, theatre and comedy shows, discussions known as “Tea Talks” and many other cultural events offered in both Czech and English. It is basically a relaxed festival, tea shop, pub, café and gallery all in one.

“A Maze in” pronounced as “Amazing” is their evolving concept, and the guidelines for developing ever-changing interior. The new space will allow an expansion of the maze concept with a series of hidden entrances. There is already a secret room known as the Narnia Room that had been very popular in their last location and is even more hidden now.

“A Maze in Tchaiovna” has developed into a vibrant community for people of all ages. Their new location is developing a Theatre Room in order to encourage participation in all the expressive arts: exhibitions, music, film, dance, discussion and theatre, of course. They also offer a free platform to artists of all kinds. All the events are free for both artists and visitors with an optional donation.

In the past, the teahouse has raised money to help people in need from disaster struck areas. They also collect unwanted clothes that can be taken by visitors for free. Whatever isn’t taken is donated to a worthy cause. Often, there are free fruits offered to guests. The menu also has a free cup of tea for those who are unable to purchase one at the time. This generosity adds to the relaxed and homey environment. 

The extra space in the new location inspired the creation of “A Maze in Art” space, curated by Melanie Rada. The first exhibition opening took place on October 29th and featured photographs showing snails, birds and spiders.

“In a world of technology, where heads are buried in tiny object directed to an inexplicably cybernetic intangible space, art, more than ever, is here to remind us of our own existence,”says Melanie.

“The purpose of A Maze in Art space is to give an opportunity to new or upcoming artists to showcase and discuss their art in a professional yet friendly environment.”

Melanie explains that there are two rooms available to artists. The first is dedicated to two dimensional pieces, or small sculptural ones; the second, smaller room, is dedicated to helping artists materialize their concepts and ideas into installations, or larger three dimensional setups.

“There will also be a completely interactive ‘alive’ piece in a corridor between the art spaces,” Melanie explains. “Here, audience members will be welcome to join in the ongoing creation of a living piece by adding to a mural that will be periodically photographed. These photographs will become part of a larger installation exhibit at a later date.”

For more information about the space or upcoming shows or if you wish to exhibit your work, please contact Melanie Rada at rada.melanie@gmail.com or join the Facebook page “A Maze in Art Space”.

Address: Muchova 4, Prague 6 | Phone: 608 864 274 | Facebook page 

By Olena Kagui