I’ve always had a passion for coffee.

To me it is so much more than just a drink to keep you awake. It’s a beverage that takes an exact science to brew correctly, and a true sense of artistry to deliver the perfect beautiful cup.

I went walked into the coffee shop called Kofárna Café and mustered up the courage to ask if I could photograph someone making coffee. The woman behind the registered smirked and turned towards a sheepish man hiding behind the espresso machine. “He’s the one behind it all”, I turned to him smiling “can I snap a few” he smiled a small smile and said sure.

That man was Charles the barista.

I stepped behind the counter and starting taking photos and before I knew it, Charles and I were chatting away, about different kinds of roasting methods, beans, is question of, Is good decaf possible? the process of pulling the perfect shot of espresso, and of course the artistry and meaning behind latte art.

Here is a small photo story detailing the process of making a delicious cup of joe and Charles’s view on coffee culture.