Meet Saveliy Rylkov

“When I was a child, my parents used to take me to the circus and I remember always being fascinated by the magicians’ tricks. Later when I was 15, I saw a video on YouTube of a guy who was making simple but spectacular card tricks. This was the time, I started to learn various tricks just by googling them. I began with really simple and basic ones that took me a few seconds to learn and which I then modified and upgraded. Actually, learning was the easiest part of the process but being able to reproduce a trick a bunch of times in front of many people – that was way more complicated because I always had to think about different angles, people’s points of views, technique and many other tiny details that matter.
I have been doing card tricks for five years now and I spent only two or three of them on actual learning. Now I have over 100 of the in my head. For me this card magic is more like a hobby. When I perform my tricks in fron of other people, it makes me feel special and unique. However, most of all I enjoy watching peoples’ faces right after I finish one of my tricks that show their belief in real magic.”