Meet Michaela Mikesova

Anti-Islamic demonstration I went to was on November 17. I think they organized it that day because people would come for the Velvet Revolution anniversary. I only went there to see how people would act. I was upset – nothing made sense to me, nothing was behind it. I saw only evilness, and sarcasm. It’s said that it’s really hard to mix up Christianity and Islam. I don’t belong to any religion, so it’s not an excuse for me. I don’t care if the person has a square head, or is green – I care more about behavior than how the person looks like. I think Czechs are scared of refugees because of the media. I recently read an article where they said a Czech person, who was in Brussels, heard that Prague is next. I mean, what kind of source is that? If you want to hear something, you will hear it. You have to be careful of what you’re saying, otherwise you spread hate.