Meet Ksenia Sitnik

When I won the 2005 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, it was the fulfillment of a dream. When I was child my dream was to become a famous singer, but my mother firstly was against it. However, I had so much passion and will about this dream and after begging her for a chance, she finally gave it to me. I started participating in different musical contests and festivals and when I was 9 years-old I suddenly saw on TV a “Junior Eurovision Song Contest” where different children from all Europe are singing, dancing and for me it was so amazing and beautiful. I decided to be there and be a participant. But my whole family thought that it is unreal and suggested me to understand the difference between the real life and TV show. But I knew that I would not forgive myself if I had not tried. It was so hard, because I was only 10 years-old, but when we came to Brussels I just pushed myself up on stage and did my best. And this victory completely changed my life.