Meet Irina Sterpu

“I am a person that very quickly adapts to a new environment and likes to make spontaneous decisions sometimes. When I was choosing a university I couldn’t decide between France and the UK. Things changed so rapidly in my life and I ended up in the Czech Republic. I guess that was for the best because, I did not realize it at first, here I have an opportunity to work for an American radio. Ever since I was a child I was dreaming of going and working in the U.S. I really wanted to experience it. However, life in the Czech Republic made me realize that it is the atmosphere you create in a company for yourself is more important than the way other people treat you. Right now, I am doing an internship for an American radio Radio Free Europe. There is such an atmosphere that even a non-Americans still behave in an American manner, very friendly and polite. There I learnt that you should be very persistent and make your own decisions and ideas if you want other people to notice you.”