Meet Hira Inam

“Right after my parents got married in 1993, they went to Germany for their honeymoon. However, things came up and while they were staying there, I was born. It wasn’t planned and, despite the fact that my birth was very desired, it took place at quite an unexpected time. It wasn’t the only surprise for my lovely family, however. Since my parents are originally from Pakistan, they got married in their motherland. Unfortunately, after I was born, German authorities refused to recognize a Pakistani marriage certificate and my parents were simply not able to take me out of the country due to German laws. Thus, mom and dad decided to marry one more time – this time in Germany – to get an officially recognized marriage certificate and leave the country with a full family complement.

This is how my life began and since that time it has never been ordinary. This event set a particular tone and has given a direction to everything that has happened to me. Unexpected surprises and outstanding incidents have been a part of my day-to-day life, and now I can’t even imagine my existence in this world without them. It’s an integral part of my life and I like it.”

Photo courtesy of Hira Inam