Meet Fiona Saliu

“In her childhood every girl is dreaming of being a pop-star, an actress or a model. Well, when I was a child I found a passion for singing. So my parents sent me to a choir, where I spent two years. It was such a great experience to sing there, as the combination of different voices and the music showed the talent of the whole group. However, I wanted to develop my skills, and that’s why I started watching videos on YouTube. I remember one day I was looking for new songs and found a girl that had a YouTube channel with her own songs and some makeup tutorials. Her videos were quite interesting, so I watched more than I actually expected. Afterwards, the only thing I wanted was to go shopping and buy as much makeup as I could possibly bring home. I spent a lot of time watching different tutorials, both from professional artists and girls like me. When I understood the makeup basics, I went to professional makeup artists’ courses.

For me it’s not just makeup, it’s an art. I see makeup artists as painters and faces as canvases. The skills of using makeup helped me to gain my confidence and to express myself through it. So, if I am doing makeup for my friends, I am not just sitting and putting it on, I’m thinking about what the person would look like, as everyone has different preferences. Makeup is a power that improves the beauty, so I wanted to give this feeling to my friends and family. It really worked out. For me, every day is a fashion show and makeup helps you walk the runway.”

Photo courtesy of Fiona Saliu