Meet Adéla Jiřičková

I always wanted to go for a volunteering program and first, I was thinking of going to Africa to help kids. Then I thought that although I like kids a lot but, probably, I like nature even more because if we destroy our nature we won’t be able to help children either. And I found GreenLife. I really liked what they did and they were really cheap compared to some other projects. In the rain forest, you need to clean paths that are on the boarders of national park, put camera traps, go for anti-poaching walks and destroy their traps, help in reconstruction of the campus. Whenever I come the cooking for me is like a special cooking class but for free. Because Zuzana [one of the founders of the project] teaches you to cook different things from the stuff that you have as there is no possibility to go to a shop and buy things you need. The nearest small village is 1,5 hour walk from the rainforest and there are no actual roads. It is all about thinking what you can eat during the week, how to make food look very nice as well as prepare enough of it for 12-30 hungry people that live there.