I’ve been dancing all my life, and I cannot do without dancing. Dancing for me is something that gives me energy.  If I can’t take any courses, I usually dance by myself. Dancing is not just a sport, but a form of expression for the university and a way to present ourselves on a more creative level. 

I love competitions, I love performing…. I think I live a second life on stage. Contemporary is my favorite style, but I love dancing everything. I like learning from other dancers in the dance club and sharing different experiences.

Liza (right) with friends at Homecoming. Photo credits to Anglo-American University.

I like to bring people together and create something for AAU. I thought of the Homecoming performance as a kind of opening for the Dancing Club. It gave us a chance to work more because we had a goal to work towards. We only had three days of preparation, so three rehearsals. It wasn’t only my choreography. We had a kind of cooperation.

Leading for me is not about being the main dancer, but keeping the dances together. A lot of girls proposed great ideas and I think that we are a great team. I really enjoyed this process. 

In the future, I want to make dances an AAU tradition at every event. It’s energetic, modern, and enables students to show their talent. Our goal is not to create perfect performances. We have not only professional dancers, but some people who haven’t had any experience with dancing. Dancing is a way to get to know your body and love your body. And it’s good physical activity to relax after sitting in classes for three hours!