The days are getting colder and colder, so it is time to find someone who will warm you up. Once you do, we know where you should take your newfound sweetheart. Wine bar Na břehu Rhôny is a perfect place for the first date. 

Na břehu Rhôny has three locations in Prague: two on Naplavka (Na Hrobci 1 and Rašínovo nábřeží 32) have a big advantage – the view on the river – however the small and cozier place in Karlin district (Rohanské nábř. 7) is not far behind.

Na břehu Rhôny has one unusual feature, not common for bars – self-service. There are three tall cabinets that are filled with red, white and rosé wine boxes. A short description of each type, as well as its name and a serial number, are provided on the door of the cupboard.


You can take a glass that has 1dc and 2dc marks and fill it with whatever type you prefer. Near the glasses there is a pile of papers, which you can use to write a serial number of the wine of your choice and put one or two vertical stripes, depending on how much you are going to drink. 

In the end of the evening, you come to the cashier with the paper. Everything in this place is built on trust. It will be fair to say that the prices are low for the quality of the wine that is offered. They range from 35CZK to 50CZK for 1dc. 

You can also order a bottle of wine, if you are not a fan of self-service, however the price will much higher, from 200 to 1500CZK for a bottle.

This wine bar is not a place to have a sterling dinner, but the waiters will not let you starve. They offer an excellent set of appetizers that go great with wine: homemade quiche, cheese and meat plates, olives and two kinds of pâté that are exceptional. 

Na břehu Rhôny is a quiet and comfortable wine bar with a stylish interior: it is filled with candles and beautiful wine bottles from all over the world. It is a perfect place for the first date, highly recommended for anyone who wants to enjoy the good quality wine in a relaxed atmosphere. 

Tip: Book a table at least two days in advance, you are not the only one who does not want to be alone this winter!

Photo courtesy of Marya Oliynyk