Anglo-American University teamed up with the brand “Martin Pavlik” to hold a fashion show on the Sep 18th at the University’s main building. Every student and professor of AAU at least once heard about the upcoming show – the event took as much attention as possible.

AAU students occupied majority of places but several were taken by the people out of the University. Performance started with inspiring speech from English philosophy professor Alan Watts about love and happiness and continued with light show.

“I have learnt a lot and this year’s show will kill it”, said Martin, designer.

For some visitors, it really did. The clothes design was mixture of urban haute couture made in white colors. Models, most of which were AAU students, impressed the audience with their professionalism. The choice of music also gave the show certain dynamics.

Regardless the exciting atmosphere the show had some flaws. For some students the amount of outfits was not enough: there were only 10, while the usual collection has about 25. The breaks between models were quite long, which made audience wait and be bored. People, who sat in the hall, complained about the runaway plan – they didn’t see the models properly. The runaway was separated between three rooms of the second floor of the building, and models mainly posed in the final one. Few girl-models didn’t really suit to the costume, which they wore, and the outfits were not really practical.

“Such clothes can’t be simply worn casually anywhere,” commented collection AAU student Savely Nevzorov.

However, a topless man-model conquered full attention of the female audience and caused a furor.

By the end of presentation the designer got a storm of applauses, however, visitors had quite different impressions about it – the show was found unusual.

Designer Martin Pavlik is still a student of AAU majoring at Business Administration, who started his fashion career in 2012 with “Andre Veon” brand, which was renamed to “MP Martin Pavlik”.

By Georgiy Pak