It felt like magic when I looked through the eyehole of a tube with mirrors and colored pieces of glass.

When the tube was turned, it created changing patterns which were always beautiful and never the same. As a child, I was wondering what forces made the patterns appear, but when I grew up, I started wondering what forces make my brain constantly look for patterns.

People see connections in absolutely unrelated things. We see faces in objects, hear voices in noises and even create conspiracies. The life is a kaleidoscope of events, people and places. They are beautiful, never the same and they are always connected by an invisible thread which our brain creates. Without this tiny thread, humans would not be able to connect their past to the future, ending up fully disoriented in time and space. There would be no difference between life and death. Nevertheless, these two concepts are two sides of the same coin since the end of one is the beginning of the other.

LA flower’s short but beautiful life ends, and its petals fall down to decay and give rise to new flowers. Everything is stuck in a circular movement between the birth and death. A human brain is stuck in a circular movement of searching for patterns. Reflection on the past allows for thinking about the present and future. People look at their lives through an eyehole in a tube with mirrors and pieces of a colored glass, which creates short-lived but beautiful patterns.

Photos by Anastasia Mezenina.