AAU’s first trivia night of the Fall 2023 semester attracted a large crowd of students, forcing some to sit in the courtyard. Trivia night is hosted in Café de Taxis on the first week of each month by Professor Joel Imhoof and varies in theme. This trivia night was general trivia with questions ranging from biology to film to sports. 

Imhoof hosted the first trivia night in 2016 as a part of Spirit Week and even offered online Disney quiz nights during COVID. The monthly quizzes started recently at the end of 2022. Students sometimes pick the themes, and the last-place team gets to choose a specialty round for the next quiz. Some recent examples include Barbie, Pitch Perfect, and Adam Sandler. Teams of up to six people are allowed, and each group receives two free drink cards. Plus, entry is always free.

“I love it when I ask a stumper and there is near silence as people try to wrap their heads around it, then from out of nowhere, someone inevitably yells out ‘Ah!’ or ‘Ooooh!’ as the answer clicks,” Imhoof says. “I have been in those situations, and seeing it happen to teams at my quiz puts a smile on my face. I also love those times when the answers are revealed and people throw their hands up with that, ‘Of course! I knew that!’ look.”

Photo by: Rose Mayer

This session’s winners were first place Romero Santos, second Optimus Gang, third MASH 477, and fourth Touché. The rewards are usually vouchers or other prizes the school has to give out. Last semester, at the final quiz, the winner received a trophy. The next quiz takes place during Spirit Week, the first week of October. This will be the first quiz on a first-come first-serve basis, as the event is becoming popular. 

This was only the first event of the year, yet the largest turnout in AAU trivia history. Students filled the café and spilled out into the courtyard, the student lounge helping fill the demand for space. “I love the sense of community felt at trivia nights. This one especially felt like a great kickoff for the school year!” says AAU student Linden Rodstrom.