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The news about the rally spread at a breakneck pace. I couldn’t believe my eyes watching the online broadcast at the Old Times Square. How can people be so egoistic and irresponsible during the crisis time in the country?

Last Sunday, an odd mixture of sports hooligans and anti-mask citizens came to protest against the coronavirus restrictions in the Staromestke Namesti, Prague’s main square, at 2 PM.

For the Czech Republic, protest is a common thing. Czech citizens like to organize rallies to show their civic position and discontent. However, yesterday’s event, namely the behaviour of the protestors is the height of recklessness. The worst part is the participants’ disregards for all hygiene precautions. The protesters posted videos on Instagram stories praising people not wearing masks and not keeping a safe distance. They equated protestors to the country’s heroes, but is it the truth? 

According to official data, there are 100 995 active coronavirus cases in the Czech Republic, and the number is constantly growing. Every day the Czech Republic sets new records for the number of cases. Hospitals report the congestion of places and working hours of doctors. The state is obliged to construct a field hospital on Letnany due to the coronavirus ratings. The deterioration of the epidemiological situation forces the officials to implement new restrictions that affect an increasing number of people. 

While the authorities are trying to do real actions, the demonstrators show their interpritation of “coolness” by refusing to wear masks and keep a distance, which is a minimal contribution to the country’s aid.

It is not a secret that we are tired of the virus and its impact on our lives. There is no need for a psychologist to prove that the virus has suppressed people psychologically. Everyone wants their old life back.  However, it does not mean that we should lose our minds and go against health care, making it worse for everyone around us. 

Just imagine the danger those cool guys put us in. Although the exact number of demonstrators is not known, Icizinec’s page on Vkontakte (a Russian social network) says that around 3 600 people decided to participate in the rally. Based on the web cameras recordings, we can assume that about the same number participated in the ill-fated protest.

The countries experience has shown that the authorities’ timely response and citizens’ compliance with quarantine measures lead to good results. The Czech Republic was one of the first countries in Europe to ease quarantine restrictions during the first wave of coronavirus. Having passed a hard way, people again began to work, study and meet friends. We have to do it again!

Let’s follow hygiene precautions. This is the only way we can make it.