Everybody knows it. Overrun parking lots of huge shopping centers, battles raging in aisles over last TV on sale, backaches caused by carrying bags and bags stuffed with everything our wallets can take.

Modern age has become overflown by a notoriously famous phenomenon, consumerism. All over the world people are buying stuff they don’t need for money they don’t have. And mad hunt for goods gets even madder with upcoming holidays.

In September 1992 Canadian artist Ted Dave decided enough is enough and founded Buy Nothing Day which was first held in Vancouver same year as response to Black Friday.BND_bg

Its aim is quite simple really. Participants should go through the day without need to spend a dime. Cut
up your credit card, burry your wallet and maybe instead of hunting gift for your auntie just pay her a visit.

With idea going international you can now try enjoy yourself for one day without buying a thing! The date is 28th of November for North America and 29th of November for the rest of world.

By Klara Chmelarova

Happy non-shopping!

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