We existed on the beach that night,
so young, drunkenly immune
to the fog’s breath salting our hair.
The sky was gray and the water dark gray,
the moonlight cloaked by clouds,
but it was enough to see
the trace of his silhouette
across the sand, his spirit one with the ocean.
His husky words carried away on the waves
that he was running to with me on his shoulders.

We could’ve floated to the sky then, and I
would’ve shown him the moon so he could know
there’s more to deep night than just darkness.
He is still holding me in that moment,
even though we don’t exist there anymore.

In my dream last night (and every night),
he smiled and melted into the rays behind him
golden in the sunlight of angels that
danced in a ring around his head.
He wasn’t going anywhere.

When I woke up I heard his voice
somewhere in a sound wave, mystified through
universes, reverted to an echo in my ears.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay user manolofranco