Morning awaken,
empty mind,
questions asked,
brain erased
what once was
a fairytale.

Remember events
my life went through.
Kiss to the person
cuddling in bed
with me.

Thinking loud,
words confused,
eat dinner.
What is on my plate,
how is it called
and who is sitting
next to me?

His name,
the smile,
those warm hands
stir love
in my heart.
Reflection of a woman
in the mirror
deepened wrinkles
and hollow look
scare me.

Solved the puzzle;
ring on my finger,
we talk
through our history,
I remember.

Can’t read
this story,
my life
in a foreign language,
connecting dots.

Found the key
to the gate,
remember again,
wedding bells.
I know.            For now.