The open-air food festivals, markets and special restaurant days can be considered an extremely cool trend in the gastronomic industry. Prague’s well-known restaurants, gastronomic societies, commercial and city foundations organize these events that provide a holiday both for the soul and body. Here everyone can find  a set of dishes corresponding to the most exotic tastes. Specifically for gourmets and food lovers, we bring this guide of festivals, which are worth to visit until the end of spring 2017.

Asia Food Fest

The largest festival of gastronomy and traditions of Asian countries will come to  Prague city in late April. Visitors will be able to try spicy exotic dishes directly from China, Thailand, Indonesia, Mongolia, Yemen and Oman. Here you can enjoy the unexpected combination of products, fragrant spices, tropical fruits, seafood and all kinds of bold culinary experiments. Asia Food Fest creators offer visitors rice noodles, sea kale, famous miso soup and pork in sweet and sour sauce.

When: April 29
Where: Hořejší nábřeží 1126/5, Praha

Vegetarian Festival

Recently, the healthy lifestyle has become very popular worldwide, and as a result, Prague citizens cannot ignore the Vegetarian Food Festival, which will take place on Náplavka. In addition to eco-friendly and organic dishes, the program of the festival will include culinary master classes, musical performances, entertainment for children and sport competitions. Furthermore, the Czech Vegan Association promises to represent a great diversity of markets with food and products from the best vegetarian restaurants and shops in Prague. Without any doubt, this is the most anticipated spring event for vegetarians, vegans and people who prefer spending the weekends actively.

When: April 30
Where: Rašínovo nábřeží 34, Praha 5

Homemade Fest

Extraordinary gastronomic festival Homemade Fest will take place in Czech Republic for the first time. The original dishes and drinks prepared according to home recipes will be the main focus of the festival. You will have a unique opportunity to try tasty desserts, delicious mini-burgers and refreshing homemade lemonade. The key purpose of the festival is to help young chefs demonstrate their food art to as many people as possible. Such events often allow newcomers and talented young people to break into the world of professional gastronomy and win the love of customers. The festival does not have a specific theme, thus, guests will have a chance to try a variety of homemade delights prepared in different styles.

When: May 6
Where: Smíchovská Náplavka, Praha 5

Confectionery Fair

On May 13, the National Agricultural Museum will arrange a festive event for small and adult donut lovers. The confectioners from Prague will provide a wide choice of sweets, cakes, pastries, sweet pastries, chocolate products and desserts. They also will present the products and discuss the details of making the sweets. Undeniably, confectioners pay particular attention to the  design of their desserts and turn cakes and pastries into works of art. All products can be bought at the fair, thus, you will be able to share the taste of sweets with  family or friends.

When: May 13
Where: Kostelní 44, Praha 7