“When we think of nonverbals, we think of how we judge others, how they judge us and what the outcomes are. We tend to forget, though, the other audience that’s influenced by our nonverbals – and that’s ourselves. We are also influenced by our nonverbals, our thoughts, and our feelings and our physiology.”

Amy Cuddy, who is an Associate Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, presents her research in a TED talk, which could help with your thesis defense or even just your next presentation in front of the class. The concept that Cuddy presents shows how a change of the posture can boost our confidence and improve self-esteem

Being an introvert made an experience of talking in public a particularly tough one. When I was about to graduate from high school, the idea of having an oral exam made me sweat. That was when I found out about the TED talk for the first time, and guess what? I tried it and  I cannot tell you whether it really worked or it was just a placebo for a nervous 20-year-old who hates public speaking. Watch it and see for yourself.

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