MINT, markets organization group, appeared in 2010 in Brno, when Omri met Zbynek (AKA Banan) and Katka organized their first successful market.

Quickly developing, organization established the Holesovice Fashion Market in Prague. By 2015, the outreach had become significant enough to make a market by the river. Today, MINT includes fresh markets, blog, and e-shop.

The impressive Fashion Market occurred on April 21-22, 2018 in Kotva, as a department store in the center of Prague. Up to 130 Czech designers such as Norika Style, Gosh, Bloque, etc. were in on the market.

“We were preparing Fashion Market in Kotva from Christmas,” says Lenka Kolarova, the principal of MINT. “First we made an agreement with the owner of the store and then opened the registration for sellers. It was a good location, so now we are thinking about Christmas edition in Kotva.”

The Fashion Market amazed with its immensity and variety from the first steps. The atmosphere of creative freedom made its visitors to spend there the whole day. Stylish clothes for children and adults, hand-made jewelry, healthy home food and sweets, eco cosmetics, and entertaining games for children. Customers could acquire anything they need from a shirt-button to succulent fresh burgers. Tired from shopping, they could enjoy fresh-made food and Prague views on the terrace. Such diversity of choice gathered people with different interests in one place.

However, the rivalry was high, and only the chosen designers could participate in a market. “We had limited space for designers, and we usually receive much more applications then we can accept, so we had to choose,” explains Lenka Kolarova. “We gave preferences to the brands with the highest score. A product is very important for us – we control the ethical and ecological aspects of the production and idea’s uniqueness.”

Markets, organized by MINT, help Czech designers to achieve  success and progress in their industry, since most of them have just e-shops and cannot get new audience. ePipi, a project translated as “a shop of happiness,” ruled by Jakub and Adela, became one of the members of Kotva Fashion Market. “They really help us to build our brand and especially brand recognition,” tells Jakub, co-worker of ePipi. “It also helps us with the sales, because people, attending these markets, appreciate work of Czech designers, and they understand why it is so important.”

The popularity of Fashion Markets is rapidly increasing in the Czech Republic. Despite warm weather for outside walks that weekend, Kotva accommodated many locals and tourists. Success made MINT to think immediately about the next market in Prague.

The next MINT Fashion Market will take place at the Charles’s Square on June 8-9, 2018 and astonish customers with “Praha žije hudbou festival” cooperative work. Do not miss on an opportunity to dip entirely into Czech culture.

Photos by Angelina Nikonova