“Right or wrong, it’s very pleasant to break something from time to time.”

― Fyodor Dostoyevsky

In 2016, America was divided into two major groups that some might call “When They Go Low, We Go High” and “We Are Tired of Nice People.” The end result is clear: Donald Trump’s approach and message were stronger, despite having no major celebrities, comedians and news spokesmen, or even his own party behind his back. Now that Trump is here, let’s examine him outside of all the previous non-stop media attention. Possibly, the future of America is way brighter than you might think it is.

Trump was accused of many nasty things way before he announced his candidacy. Everybody thought he was a joke, and every major victory of his was viewed as a glitch in the matrix. However, he was moving like a virus with no cure. The regressive left’s reasoning for this was simple: his supporters are the ones who go low. Xenophobia, islamophobia and sexism drew in half of the US population. Who else would support this genitalia-grabbin’ maniac? Obviously, the man that wants to build the wall is at least somewhat xenophobic, right? And how can we forget all the ISIS cards that were placed on the table during every single debate?

Obviously, not every Trump supporter can be fairly labeled with those tags. Honest positions on Trump can be found somewhere around YouTube, so feel free to walk through guys like Sargon of Akkad or TJ Kirk (a.k.a. The Amazing Atheist), you might enjoy their work. However, while some groups can be accused of oversimplifying the matter and playing identity politics due to ideological reasons, or being a bit too supportive of the businessmen/president, I will argue for Trump even from the worst possible scenario.

But let’s examine this picture first. Modern America belongs to wealthy, there is no denying in that. Rich are pushing their laws, stepping over the poor, controlling the media and, as far as speculations go, all branches of government. The middle class slowly vanishes, making the separation between two Americas more visible than ever. Due to various factors, including this separation, nights are getting darker for working class, so increasing numbers of citizens are in search for answers, making the general public socially active. Trump however, became the main figure in making civilians more politically active. Starting as a real-life satire of American politics, he slowly became the main source for jokes, making missteps that even the least interested in politics folks can laugh at. Even his appearances made him an interesting figure. Whether it’s his orange tan or notorious hairstyle, in republican debates he was grabbing attention better than a clown in the circus.

Trump’s behavior on social networks is also adding to popularization of political discussions. His Twitter page is so gravitating and unique for the person of his status, many were advocating for getting him off the platform. His tweets are obviously written by him and, which is even more important, are filled with “twitter war” campaigns against his famous critics. Trump is not only on the popular platform, he is all over it.

So, he is on everyone’s mind, so what? Well, not only is Trump popular, he is playing on the anger.  His manner of speech, while too aggressive and self-promoting for the politician (or even a decent man, as far as my moral stands go) was attracting passionate people, whether they agree with him or not. The Social Justice Movement sticked to his persona immediately, since he was an embodiment of everything they are fighting against, primarily the so-called “white privilege” and “toxic masculinity.” While I happen to believe that the prime reason for discrimination in America is monetary, rather than racial, sexual or gender-based, opposite views are becoming quite popular, and Trump slowly became a demon-like figure in this narrative. Trump’s supporters, however, endorse him primarily due to his will to ignore criticism from the Social Justice Warriors’ (SJW) or anyone pointing to his inappropriate behavior. Hell, he might be the first candidate, better yet a republican candidate that was caught in a sexual scandal and never even denied it, despite being a married man. No longer is media able to destroy one’s political career by digging up some dirt. Rules are becoming less restricted by civility, and it is visible on both sides. The left is screaming Nazis for any reason, the right is pushing the least apologetic candidate in history, and all of this is happening in the post-truth era of media. People are angry, active and surrounded by useless and dishonest information.

So, how could Trump’s inauguration be a positive factor in such environment? To put it simply, whether he is going to make a positive change or not, he started the process of growing awareness, uncontrolled anger and brought power to critics of not only the popular ideas, but the rules of the game itself. Personally, I don’t expect much from an open climate change denier with no experience in politics. I don’t expect much from the man with an empty soul either. However, with all of his impact Trump can start the fire that was never seen in modern America. Feminists, #black_lives_matter activists,  anti-SJW’s, MRA’s, Alt-Right activists are wormed-up; controlled, or as some might put it, “old” media is keeping less and less power, and even active support from the major party is no longer as relevant as it used to be. With any other politician (outside of Bernie Sanders) America was fated to continue the process that was killing it slowly. Whether we wait for a disaster or simply overcoming fascinating changes, one thing is clear: strongholds and problems of the US will change, possibly destroying the system that was allowing privileged classes to rule over it with no regards to those who are below them.

“Only after disaster can we be resurrected.”

― Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club

Illustration by Stanislav Press

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