Beer, banter, and a barrage of questions: AAU’s first pub quiz of the semester was the perfect equation to create an out-of-class setting for students to bond.

Professor Joel Imhoof’s Pub Quiz has become a beloved tradition at Cafe Des Taxis, drawing students in every month. With the recurring theme of “All the ‘Ologies’,” the first pub quiz of the semester took place 15 February, 2024.

Reflecting on the experience, third-year student Linden Rodstrom, described the quizzes as “delightful.” Rodstrom emphasized the event’s role in fostering community spirit within AAU.

“They are a great way to bring the AAU community together,” said Rodstrom.

Professor Imhoof challenged attendees with an array of questions concerning niche topics such as hobby horsing, Imagine Dragons, and pesky math and chemistry problems. 

One desire is for broader cultural representation in the quiz content, “targeting content outside of American pop culture,” said Maggie Personius, a first-year student. 

Despite potential room for improvement, the Pub Quizzes remain a cherished event at AAU. Professor Imhoof’s Pub Quiz showed the way extracurricular events can foster unity while stimulating intellectual engagement among AAU students.

“[It’s] fun to see students outside of the typical academic environment,” said Mia Merk, a third-year, who also noted the growing attendance of the event.