Homecoming waltzed into November at the perfect time for a jolly reprieve from studies with prosecco, food, live performances, dancing, and AAU’s first gender-neutral Homecoming Court. The night was teeming with gowns, shirts, suits, and skirts, sneakers, sandals, boots, and heels. Both the outfits and the people came from all over, creating a truly international event.

The Student Council Events Manager Brooklyn Ferenc spearheaded the event with the help of Dan Padolsky, Karolina Holusova and volunteers. AAU’s Marketing team hired a photographer for the ball, documenting the record-breaking turn out.

“The tickets were sold out, and we had more interest than predicted. The event went very smoothly because we didn’t have too many performances planned, but everyone was committed to the masquerade theme and looked like they were having a great time!” Yunori Sarah, Student Council Member and dedicated prosecco server, said. 

Around the middle of the night, after most guests had arrived and the live performances finished, the prosecco and snacks were devoured. However, the quick thinking of Student Council members reinvigorated the party-goers with wine as everyone gathered to hear the announcement of the Homecoming Court winners. 

Ethan Knell performs as students watch By: AAU

Simone Stansbury and Hunter Vaughan were crowned, and the whole AAU community gathered in room 2.06 cheered. The monarchy of the night paraded around with their tiaras for pictures and congratulations from friends while the DJ played throwbacks and head-bangers. 

“This year the SC wanted to include the tradition of involving university students in voting for two students that have exceptional qualities that AAU values, like leadership, kindness, hard work, and contribute to the AAU community in a meaningful way. I am very proud of the four finalist nominations: Hannah Schermer, Zackary Stuck, Simone Stansburry, and Hunter Vaughan, who I believe all deserve the recognition of this achievement,” Ferenc said.

Student Council member Yunori Sarah hands our glasses of wine By: AAU

Empty plates and cups littered the room where a feast once stood. Student Council members and volunteers rushed about cleaning rubbish from the tables and chairs, but conversation and dancing reigned even as feet started to hurt and heels became decorations on the floor. The evening ended with chaos in the coat room and laughing ringing through the halls.