A group of students took to the Lennon Wall in Prague for the country’s annual Poetry Day Festival, or Den Poezie. The students from the Subcultures class at Anglo-American University each read or sang a poem, quote, or lyrics from the musician and activist John Lennon. The two-week long festival subtitled as “poetry energized” was organized by the Poetry Society. AAU Professor Pavla Jonssonova drew in a small crowd of the every day tourists one sees at the Lennon Wall.

“I’ve been an admirer of the day of poetry since it started 10 years ago. I thought that is would be wonderful for the students if we could become part of it” said Jonssonova

The students read an array of poetry written by John Lennon including “Good Dog Nigel” and “I Sat Belonely”.

“I think he’s such a sincere, incredibly talented honest man who is my hero,” says professor abou her admiration for Lennon.

The event happened across the street from the French Embassy in Prague. Candles, flowers, and notes lined along the embassy’s walls – Praguers brought it to express solidarity with the victims of Paris attacks last Friday.

Niki Black, an exchange student from California, sang John Lennon’s famous “Imagine” for the crowd.

“The song is a prayer for humanity, a prayer to take away all that divides us,” Niki says.

“After the terrorist attacks in Paris, Beirut and Baghdad, hatred and fear is crippling us” Niki added

Different clubs, associations, theaters and schools will be holding free events to the public across the Czech Republic to celebrate Den Poezie until the 23rd of November. For more information on events coming up, go to http://www.denpoezie.cz/.

 By Demitria Cassanos