The Cat Cafe (Kočkafe) is a unique concept, new to the Czech Republic. The cafe offers a learning room, living room, cinema room, game room and kitchen. However the real highlights of the cafe are the four cats that roam around, play and try to steal your food. The living room is full of comfortable couches, a PS3 with many games, a large flat screen, cat toys and a shelf full of board games.

The cats run around and know they own the place. They either sleep peacefully on the seats in the cinema room, where is a screening of movies or sports games, or they run through the kitchen up the cat playground in the game room. There are some rules regarding playing with the cats and the entire cafe has a peaceful atmosphere.

The Cat Cafe was opened over a year ago and has attracted locals as well as expatriates from all over the world. Visitors are encouraged to stay off the Internet and enjoy social interactions with the others. The staff is very kind and accommodating, the space is clean and beautifully decorated.

If you want to experience the place less busy, then Friday night is the time to go. It’s a great experience that offers something different from our hectic day-to-day lives.

In order to enter the cafe you need to ring the door bell and from the moment you enter and take your shoes off, you feel like you are somewhere outside of the real world. The cafe reminds you of the beauty of the simple things in life: playing with cats, spending time with others over a cup of coffee playing monopoly.

The final perk – it is inexpensive, since all the drinks and snacks are free. There is an 80 CZK fee for the first hour that includes unlimited free coffee, tea, lemonade and a variety of snacks. You get a card that at the beginning and every minute over an hour costs 1 CZK. Spending two hours in the cafe cost as much as one coffee and a small snack in Starbucks.

By Olena Kagui

Contact information:
Gorazdova 332/20, 120 00 Praha
774 301 394