It is impossible to imagine a brighter and more vivid carnival in Prague.

That day streets were full of theatrical processions and colourful carnival costumes. Thanks to enthusiasts, the tradition of an urban carnival is reviving in the country. Similar celebrations were held in the Czech Republic from the Middle Ages, and the modern Bohemian festival absorbed all the best from the traditions of the 13th-century festivities.

This carnival reveals all the joy and imagination of holiday-makers.

The pledge of excellent mood at the Bohemian carnival is to have a mask and a costume as well as a desire to become a part of an extraordinary show. Since the Bohemian carnival takes place on the eve of the Catholic fast, the holiday itself provides an opportunity to treat yourself with delicious dishes. The period in which the celebration takes place is called Masopust (fasting from meat).

The carnival feast takes place right on the street, and during the parade, you can see people having fun, singing, dancing, eating sausages, and drinking beer and Slivovice (plum brandy). The carnival ended with dinner on the small island of Kampa.  


Photo courtesy of Anel Makhanbetova