AAU will be hosting its biggest Career Day yet, on Thursday Nov. 7. The two part event will provide students with information about internships, part-time and full-time jobs, and related issues facing future graduates.

The first part – taking place in room 004, from 11 am to 5.30pm – will include presentations from AAU staff members and local business owners. One such presentation, “BrandYou: Managing Your Online Presence,” will be given by AAU professor, Mark Weidorn. Weidorn will give insight into:
Why it is important to have a professional online presence
What platforms should be used to create it
What should the content be

A second presentation, given by Eric Werkman, will focus on positioning yourself in a way that will improve your chances for promotion. There will be about four to five presentations in total.

Simultaneously in room 001 – from 12:30 to 5.30pm – will be a job fair. Various companies and NGOs will have booths set up. “I get their contacts from AAU alumni. So actually, former students do work in these companies,” says Stephanie Lachman. Alumni Relations and Career Center Manager, Lachman is one of the main organizers of the event.

Some of the confirmed companies are GE Money Bank, Svetlo pro Svet (Light for the World), and Video Recruit. The companies “have to be willing to take CVs from students, whether it be for part-time/full-time jobs or internships,” says Lachman.

Additionally, each company will have two or three human resource representatives whom students can talk to. You can inquire about a particular company’s culture, “so what’s it like, how did you get a job here?” Lachman explains.

Students should make use of this opportunity. Lachman recalled the story of Jakub Masek, a second year Business student, who did an internship (for experience, not credit) at the aforementioned Video Recruit. They were so pleased with him; they offered him a position.

Video Recruit uses online software to speed up the interviewing process. This will be explained in further detail and a test-run will take place.

In total, eight to ten companies will be present. Lachman aims to make the event interesting for students of all programs. Everyone is welcome, “the more the merrier,” she says. If there is a good turn-out, these companies will most likely want to come back next year. And if that is not enough incentive: “there will be food,” Lachman adds jokingly.

More information can be found at the event’s Facebook page: