The first AAU Career Day, which took place Nov. 7 in the main building, presented the students with an opportunity to meet representatives of various companies and organizations.

This unique opportunity was perfect for those looking for jobs and internships, as personal contact with representatives is the best way to step foot in the door and impress. The two-part event consisted of career booths, where students had a chance to directly apply for jobs, and workshops.

Companies and NGOs such as Video Recruit, Silicon Wharf, Concur, Amnesty International and Exxonmobil were present in room 100, ready to assist students and provide them with information. Students could also find out about non-present companies such as GE Money Bank and Lion Communications via flyers and information sheets.

The interactive workshops in room 104 included presentations from business owners and AAU staff members. “I feel that these are even more important than visiting the companies,” said organizer and AAU career center manager Stephanie Lachman. “Because they gave the students important info and skills that they can use even after AAU.”

Presenters tried to answer questions such as “How to succeed in the field of humanitarian aid?” and “Why is it important to have a professional online presence?” Students were all ears as they listened to guest lecturers speak of their professions and all the perks that come with it.

Some AAU students volunteered to help with the event, of whom Lachman said, “I honestly could not have managed without them.”

AAU’s Career Day sparked excitement amongst not only the Bachelor’s students but also the Master’s students. As graduating students are edging closer and closer to their last few moments as university students, their professional futures are on the very tips of their fingers.

A third year student Diana Lundholm, also an IR major, comments, “I felt that there were few internships available for IR students.”

Everyone attending had a chance to give feedback to event organizers, outlining the positives and negatives, and stating what they would like to see next time. “I created a survey for students to fill out while inside room 001 and turn in before they leave,” said Lachman. “The results were overwhelmingly positive, and very informative.”

Those who attended praised how well organized and instructive the event was but also agreed that this year the focus was more on the graduating students of the Business and Administration house.

Jana Kutova, an IR student, comments, “I think there were more opportunities for people who speak Czech and the business students, at least this is my impression.”

Students can already look forward to the next Career Day, as confirmed by organizer Stephanie Lachman. The date is yet unknown but chances are, AAU’s Career Day might become a twice-per-year event.