“I want to build a community,” says the proprietor of Café des Taxis, Hrishabh Sandilya.

The Café will finally open on the 1st of October.

The former Vice President of AAU won in the public tender with his concept, form and prices. The plan is to have sustainable, healthy and seasonal food for affordable prices.

“For me, it’s all about the concept,” Sandilya explains, “Meals should not cost more than 100 CZK and there will be loyalty cards too.”

The menu will consist of daily soups, salads and sandwiches made directly in the café. Several partner restaurants like the Sri Lanka Curry House and an Indonesian restaurant will deliver additional hot meals to the cafeteria. The menu will also feature craft beer on tap from microbrewery Pivovar Lužiny and Moravian wines.

“Fairtrade coffee will not cost more than 35 CZK,” says Sandilya.

The staff of the Café is currently trying to settle an agreement with the school about placing an ATM in the Café for more payment options other than cash.

Sandilya, a few part-time AAU students, and one member of staff will provide services at the Café. “This is my baby,” he said, “I don’t trust anyone else.”

Public discussions and debates will be a big part of the new cafeteria’s life.

“I organized a lot of them when I was at AAU, and it is not happening anymore,” Sandilya comments.

Furthermore, activities like pub quizzes, live music nights and critical dinners will be happening on a weekly basis.

Prominent company Zátiší Group ran the previous school cafeteria, Café Diem, but ended their contract with the school during summer, due to the complaints from students over their high prices.

The opening hours will be from 8AM to 10PM from Monday to Friday.

Although Sandilya has received a three-year contract with the school, the next three months will really indicate the future of the Café.

By Kateřina Glacnerová