A new law passed in the Czech Republic this April that requires international (and some Czech) students to complete nostrification of their high school diploma before November 5th. Otherwise, students may have to give up receiving a Czech university diploma and consequentially, may have to change the purpose of their visas and can lose their insurance and the right to work in the Czech Republic.

The AAU administration has failed to alert students about this law (passed in April) until late last week. Those requiring nostrification are now running out of time, according to the deadline they did not even know about. Many maintain the love for our university but are deeply disturbed by the administration’s approach to this issue that will affect a lot of good, hard-working students simply due to where they went to high school. The law itself is, in fact, NOT the same for all of the Czech universities and came into action in the middle of quarantine when a lot of students were not in the country (some are still not, which makes it nearly impossible for them to complete nostrification on time).

Students faced with this, feel they are not being treated fairly on the university or state level. We believe everyone at AAU should be aware of this, regardless of whether or not they are personally dealing with the same issue. The affected students ask their friends, classmates and professors to step in and support them. “We are a part of this community and I refuse to believe we won’t matter or be missed if we have to leave due to this outrageous development!”