The Bluelight Bar is located on Josefská 42, just a six minute walk from the university and barely a two minute walk from the Malosranské Náměsti tram stop.

Being aware that I am about to enter a place called the Bluelight Bar, I have an expectation in my mind of a bar that has some sort of blue lighting. However, as I enter, I do not notice blue lights, but a warm red glow, making me feel ready to strip out of my two layers of coats. I decide that I am glad about the lack of blue hues.

The cosy atmosphere is accentuated by the simple furniture, organised in an intimate setting. An array of jazz and alcohol themed posters are skewed around the walls and underneath them lie thousands of signatures by patrons that have visited the bar.

The ambience of the bar is laid back; only two tables are occupied with few people having light conversation. No drunken tourists yelling, thankfully.

As I order my drink at the bar, I ask the bartender why the bar bears the name Bluelight. He enlightens me on the fact that prior to the bar, the location used to be a film studio that went by the name Blue Light and hence they decided to keep this name to honour its roots. But I do notice a small blue light emanating from a shelf near to the corner of the bar, alongside some candles.  

The décor behind the bar consists of various currencies stuck to the wall and signed (presumably by customers). Under the glowing Redbull sign, a simple written reminder; ‘Sorry no cards – cash only’, so be sure to have some on you upon entering.   

The drinks menu is varied, with typical cocktails such as martinis, bloody mary’s and even some special ones, like the colourfully titled Adios Motherfucker. Price range is quite average for the area, however, be aware that the beers are served in 0,3 litre glasses and not the usual 0.5.

Music at the Bluelight too is very chill. There are some jazzy tunes mixed with some light rock music. They make sure that it is just loud enough to have a conversation without the need to talk louder than normal.

Overall, the bar is perfect for an evening of grabbing a few nice cocktails and having a pleasant chat with people. However, if you are looking for an evening of sing-a-long songs loudly while relatively intoxicated, I would suggest another bar.

Photo courtesy of Rita Puhto