The Blue Bird Tattoo

“Bluebird Tattoo” pastel over watercolor painting by Kim Novak, ©2014. Tribute to Kim Novak’s grandmother, an impressionistic vision of their relationship, showing the faces of Kim Novak and her grandmother. Accompanied by this poem:
“Under her wing,  with a blue  bird beside me.
tattooed on her arm, always there to remind me;
the courage it took  to stand up to those bullies,
shouting, “disgrace!” as if  she had sinned.
Much time has gone by, and tattoos are in fashion
Bullies still do what they do with their, passion.
I honor my parents and my sister too,
especially my grandma with the blue bird tattoo!”
~Kim NovaK
Painting image and poem ©2014 Kim Novak, all rights reserved.

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