The AAU Annual Awards Ceremony has always been one of Anglo-American University’s greatest tradition.

We organize this event every year to show our students, staff and faculty that we care. The ceremony is a recognition of people’s talent, contribution and dedication in whatever they do and we appreciate it.

It’s easy to complain and criticize when you see something you don’t agree with. It’s easy to point a finger and blame others when a project doesn’t turn out as you expected. But it takes guts to give a compliment and say, “Hey, I think you’re doing a great job. I really appreciate it.”

Too often, we are so engrossed in our own problems that we turn a blind eye to others’. We forget to say “thank you”. When we say “Have a nice day”, we don’t sound like we mean it. The AAU Awards Ceremony is a chance for all of us to be kinder to each other. Because at the end of the day, when we’re dead tired and stressed out, all we need is someone to pat us on the back and say, “Amazing work, man. We need more people like you!”

Here’s all you need to know about the AAU Annual Awards Ceremony.

A summary of the process

  1. The nomination: April 6th –22th
  2. The voting: April 23th – May 6th: Vote for your favorite student, club, staff, and teacher HERE
  3. The winners will be announced at the AAU Awards Ceremony.

AAU Awards Ceremony 2018

Here are the nominees!

Whether you win or not, the fact that you’re nominated proves that your talent, dedication and contribution have been recognized and appreciated by others. Anglo-American University is honored to have you as a part of its community and wishes you great success in the future. Let’s meet at the Awards Ceremony this Thursday evening (May 10) and celebrate our achievements!

Staff Member of the Year

Outstanding Scholar Award

  • Jitka Demeterová, School of Business Administration
  • Chau Nguyen, School of Journalism
  • Dina Meier, School of Business Administration
  • Eneva Karina, School of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Marketa Hrehorova, School of Visual Arts
  • Natalia Kokesova, John H. Carey II School of Law

School of Law

Student of the Year

  • Monika Samesova
  • Angelina Liverko

Teacher of the Year

School of Business

Student of the Year

School of Journalism

Student of the Year

  • Vasilina Pazdnikova
  • Chau Nguyen
  • Nicolas Fontana
  • Leila Mekhdiyeva
  • Rita Puhto

    Teacher of the Year
  • Robert Warren, Adjunct Lecturer
  • Kateřina Vanová, Assistant Dean and Adjunct Lecturer
  • Michael Kahn, Adjunct Lecturer

School of Humanities

Student of the Year

  • Klara Chmelarova
  • Mariana Gaitán Rojas
  • Eneva Karina
  • Marketa Hrehorova
  • Jan Tompkins

Teacher of the Year

School of International Relations

Student of the Year

  • Sofia Sollorano
  • Knut Marius Uddu Skjerve
  • Mikita Shpak
  • Christopher James Downs
  • Simone Chmelikova
  • Aldin Muhovic
  • Kenneth Ali Shaheed
  • Ben Rodenburg

Teacher of the Year

AAU Awards – Best Course of 2017/18

  • Introduction to International Relations-George Hays
  • Political Geography-Robert Warren
  • International Organizations-Zuzana Fellegi
  • NATO in the 21st century-Kristina Soukupova
  • Financial Accounting-Jonathan Holmes
  • Nations and Nationalism-Gaelle Vassogne
  • Composition 101-Anthony Marais
  • Strategic Planning-Mark Wiedorn
  • Nonviolent Conflict: Theory and Application-Alexei Anisin
  • Digital Tools for New Media-Douglas Arenalles
  • Race & Civil Rights in the USA-Mark Brandon

Most Helpful Staff Member

  • Jozef Bartík, Student Services Center, Registration Specialist
  • Sviatlana Skachykhina, Assistant Dean, School of Business Administration
  • Kateřina Vanová, Assistant Dean, School of Humanities & Social Sciences, School of Journalism; Adjunct Lecturer, School of Humanities & Social Sciences
  • Maria Rukavina, Admissions Specialist
  • Martin Vimmr, Assistant Dean, School of International Relations & Diplomacy
  • Lindsay Jewel Salvati, Receptionist
  • Elizabeth Nováček, Alumni and Career Development Specialist
  • Iveta Moravkova, Student Services Manager

Distinguished Leadership Award for Faculty and Administrators

Distinguished Artist Award

  • Lindsay Jewel Salvati, singer
  • Balzhan Bekenova, singer
  • Jenny Ciku, painter
  • Chau Nguyen, graphic designer
  • Aneta Kolblova, horse rider

Club of the Year

Most Engaged Administrator

Distinguished Leadership Award

  • Chau Nguyen, Editor-in-Chief of Lennon Wall Magazine
  • Christopher James Downs, former President of Student Council 

Most Improved Student of the Year (To be voted by the SC)

  • Dastan Saparov
  • Elizabeth Miezejski
  • Jiri Zimola

Unsung Hero Nominees (To be voted by the SC)

  • Samuel Hencel
  • Lindsay Jewel Salvati
  • Hunter Andrews
  • Aldin Muhovic
  • Agshin Guliyev
  • Klara Chmelarova
  • Martin Raninnger
  • Miroslava Petrakova
  • Sofia Bukovskaya
  • Knut Marius Uddu Skjerve
  • Anelia Barzhukova
  • Anh Nguyenova

Endurance Award Nominees (To be voted by the SC)

  • Nela Tomczyk
  • Chau Nguyen
  • Valeriia Novitskaia
  • Rita Puhto
  • Lam Do
  • Melisa Permansu
  • Ilyia Fedorov
  • Elizabeth Miezejeski
  • Michael Kabat
  • Amira Bapisheva
  • Hanna Ripper
  • Dariia Sydygalieva
  • Anel Burshakbayeva
  • Elizabeth Hwang
  • Ann Connolly
Chau was the Editor-in-Chief of Lennon Wall magazine from July 2017 to June 2018. During her term, she gave editorial directions, oversees the operation and set policies. She was also responsible for the final products of the magazine.