Anglo American University, which previously had a university network through both Erasmus and Exchange (non-Erasmus) programs a few months ago, has now arranged the settlements with 14 more universities in various countries.

This network includes 38 universities in Korea, Uruguay, Belgium, France, Germany, England, Hungary, Holland, Portugal and Spain.

In the interview, questions about study abroad and new exchange opportunities are answered by Cyril Simsa, the Director of International Cooperation from the Department of External Relations.

First, having told that the applications had finished for the spring semester, he explained how they reach new agreements and why these universities are chosen.

He continued the interview saying “We arranged settlements for Erasmus and Exchange (non-Erasmus) programs with many new universities that can be useful for our students in Europe and around the world. For the agreements, we basically follow up the contexts. Sometimes the universities contact with us or we follow up the suggestions come through our faculty. However, some universities simply are not compatible for our students because of the language issues.”

Meanwhile, Cyril Simsa pointed out that there are universities which cannot provide education in English in some parts of Europe: “The new universities we chose provide lectures in English. AAU has its own disciplines which we are specializing.

This is a university whose main strengths are Humanities and Business. Natural sciences or engineering cannot be compatible partner.”

Having emphasized the suitable departments and options of lectures in exchange offers, he says that they will sign agreements with new universities next semester by reminding that they always try to introduce different options for the students.

Simsa gave advice to the students saying: “Study abroad is an unforgettable experience in a student’s life and it provides the students with continuing their education in a very different atmosphere. They should try it.”

One can get information about the lectures by contacting the universities and researching their websites. For further information the Website of Anglo American University can be checked or you can get more details about the universities and their departments by contacting the department of external relations.