“2018 Career Expo was definitely helpful because you learn about potential employers without the pressure of an interview,” said Natalia Kokesova, a student from the John H. Carey II School of Law.

The Annual Anglo-American University (AAU) Career Expo took place on April 12th. Students were given the opportunity to meet in person with the representatives of 16 companies and organizations.

“I liked the event,” said Ganna Zhadan, a first-year journalism student, “It was interesting and had different companies presented, and everybody was available for a conversation.”

According to Iveta Morávková, the organizer of Career Expo, the event is a great opportunity for a student to introduce her/himself to prospective employers, talk to them, find out what it is like to work for the company and maybe land an internship/job.

“Career Expo gives students the opportunity to skip the first step ― sending a CV and waiting for an answer ― and go directly to the interview,”

said Iveta. “Another benefit of visiting the event is that every year there is an organization that helps students with CV consulting for free. There are also interactive presentations and workshops.”

Read on to find out about some of the most “popular” companies among students in 2018!


  • Who are they? They are a leading global professional services company, providing diverse services and solutions in strategy, consulting, digital, technology, and operations.
  • Who are they looking for? Accenture shows an interest for new graduates who want to enter the world of big business and never stop learning, those who are motivated to work in teams and in an international environment.
  • How to apply?  Please write to them or send them your CV to join.prague@accenture.com

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL)

Anna Shamanska, AAU Alumna presenting “What’s Behind Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty…and Why Intern at RFE/RL?”
  • Who are they? In 1950, (RFE/RL) conducted their first broadcast in Czech. One year later, they were broadcasting in five languages to Eastern European countries behind the Iron Curtain. Their contributions to the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe are well known. Today, RFE/RL continues to provide what many people cannot get locally: uncensored news, responsible discussion and open debates. Sounds interesting, right?
  • Who are they looking for? RFE/RL offers internships for students from all the fields that support independent journalism and are open to develop their skills through practical experience. “We are always open to talk to students and offer them the chance to understand how it’s like to work with us”, said their representative at the AAU Career Expo, Kamila Macháčova.
  • How to apply? If you want to apply, more information will be provided by writing an email to PRGinternships@rferl.org.

Institute of International Relations (IIR)

  • Who are they? IIR is an independent public research institution which conducts excellent academic research in the larger field of international relations. During the AAU Career Expo, they emphasised that working for the institution can be interesting but also demanding. IIR’s basic goals are to conduct internationally recognized, excellent research in the field of international studies, to influence the formation and the conduct of foreign policy of the Czech Republic, and to increase awareness of issues of international relations among professionals and the public.
  • Who are they looking for? They give opportunities to students to apply for an internship, but also to feel the taste of working within the institution of various events for just a couple of days. Among their internship options are Research Assistant, Independent Researcher, PR Intern or an internship at one of the six centers within the Institute.
  • How to apply? If you are interested in getting experience from one of the most renowned think-tanks in Central Europe, go to www.iir.cz/en/static/internships.   


  • Who are they? Everybody loves coffee. At Starbucks, people call each other “partners” by creating an appealing environment where they respect each other and their customers. While they are preparing and serving their coffee, they do their best to keep all ethical standards within a safe and friendly environment. However, they still remain as a small company by remembering your name when you appear at the entrance.
  • Who are they looking for? Students who have at least basic Czech language skills and want to work in a company where they can grow.
  • How to apply? Send your CV to andrea.sitterova@amrest.eu.

AB InBev

  • Who are they? The world’s leading brewer, AB InBev believe that No. 1 isn’t a position, but it’s a mindset.  Having a meritocratic way of working, they are looking for people who are possess an innovative way of thinking and analytical skills. As a company, they are focused on hard work and driven by a massive desire for success while inspiring and motivating each other.
  • How to apply? Their dream is to bring people together for a better world with great beer, so if you want an internship in a company which will develop your skills, send your CV to RecruitmentPrague@ab-inbev.com.

Medecins sans frontieres

  • Who are they? Awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize in 1999, Medecins sans frontieres is providing emergency care to people affected by disaster, conflict, epidemics, and exclusion from health care. They work independently of political, religious, or military agendas. During the AAU Career Expo, they gave students the opportunity to watch VR videos about Syrian refugees in order to make them understand the purpose of the organization. Their approach touched many students that realised the importance of helping others.
  • How to apply? There is never exists a thing as too much help, so if you are interested in making victims’ lives better, you can become a donor or be a volunteer. For more information visit their website www.msf.cz/en.   

AAU Career Expo 2018 was a success. Many companies are interested in working with AAU students while more students are interested in meeting with the representatives of the companies and organizations present at the event. The importance of the Career Expo grows and we hope that next year new companies will want to join the event and a bigger number of students will be participating.

Special thanks to the 16 participants of AAU 2018 Career Expo:

  1. AB InBev
  2. Accenture
  3. Amazon
  4. European Development Agency
  5. European Values Think-Tank
  6. Expobank
  7. Go Think Initiative
  8. Hays Czech Republic
  9. Institute of International Relations
  10. Integration Centre Prague
  11. Kantar – Link Research Centre
  12. Médecins Sans Frontières
  13. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
  14. Southwestern Advantage
  15. Starbucks
  16. Utilitywise Prague