On May 15th, the AAU Legal Institute named “Institute for Anglo American-Central European Business Law” (AACE) proudly announced the launch of its new website: aace.aauni.edu.

The AACE is also present on social media, including Facebook and LinkedIn, which provides a dynamic message of what it is about, what it does, and what its plans to do. We will communicate regularly through these mediums.

The AACE Institute aspires to bridge Anglo American and Central European countries across the bijural, common and continental law divide, to facilitate dynamic yet sustainable business relationships, and to empower a new generation of lawyers to work across both systems.

To celebrate the launch of its website and social media, AACE is holding a CONTEST open to the AAU community. Winners will receive 1 of 5 Café des Taxi gift certificates. To enter the contest, simply:

  1. Either follow AACE on LinkedIn or like AACE on Facebook
  2. Identify at least 10 of the 14 Anglo-American and Central European cities represented on the AACE website (in the background of the pages)
  3. Enter the contest by clicking the button: “Contest/Enter To Win”!

Contest is open to all AAU faculty, staff,  students, and alumni until June 1st, 2018; one entry per person.

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