“My rose represents relationship between woman and man. It has female shapes, but, I wanted to break concept of fair sex as well. It is fragile, yet tough.”

Artist Magdaléna Roztočilová created the monumental bloom as part of her diploma series. Currently exhibited in the AAU courtyard, the violet petals stand out against decaying pine-needles.

Roztočilová belongs to the free art group PRÁM. Twelve UMPRUM and AVU absolvents dwell in the former laundromat on outskirts of Prague, Vysočany and organize concerts, screenings, and exhibitions. Her flower was first exhibited there in February 2017.

“Originally I made the rose from recycled fabric. Its texture really spoke to the viewer. But, it wouldn’t last outside and I decided for polyester.” The natural light and changing weather ensure the rose is never seen the same. “Out in the open it gives them [the sculptures] another dimension to interact with. I was even thinking about illuminating the rose.”

A former student of painting, Roztočilová layered the color as one would on canvas. “I cut and modeled each petal. That allowed me to play with the shading and made the bloom organic. The whole process took about 3 months.” The rose’s violet hue was chosen on purpose. “Violet is color of meditation, however, I put it there to pull the rose out of the idea we have about the rose.” The change makes viewer explore the sculpture with more attention.

Pebbled by glass dew, the rose feels brisk. But, its trunk tells another story. It’ sits black and crooked. Stiletto heels protrude from it in silent promise.

“Ultimately, the rose tells story of love in all its forms.”

Homage to Flower Power recalls 50 years since the Summer Of Love. In 1967 nearly 100 000 hippies overtook Haight-Ashbury neighbourhood, opposing the war in Vietnam. San Francisco had flowers in its hair and “Make Love Not War” on its lips. D. A. Pennebaker’s icon “Monterey Pop” was screened in room 1.17 and finished  AAU’s transformation into small 1968 festival. The cConcert movie starred Jimmy Hendrix, Janis Joplin or Otis Redding and told the story of Counterculture.

To complete the circle, yesterday was also International Day of Peace, held by United Nations on 21st September since 1981.

As Cliff Richard’s “Devil Woman” climbed out of the speakers,  the flower changed colours in dulling light and Hendrix moved on screen, AAU might have been the most Underground gallery in Prague.

For more information about PRÁM visit their websiteDon’t miss the upcoming events on Art Yard.

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