On 11th of September, Student Council of Anglo American University set off for a new academic year by throwing an annual BBQ that was full of new faces, positive vibes, delicious food and even a little bit of drama, when two visitors of the event almost ended up in a fight

Friday, 11th of September, was one of those days, when one doesn’t know what to wear outside as it was cloudy and looked as if it might start raining any minute, but at the same time it was not cold.  However, no weather conditions could stop the AAU annual Barbeque from happening and at noon in the middle of the Kampa Park Student Council members were ready to welcome its firs-comers.

This year’s BBQ welcomed a lot of new students and the president of SC Adi Hadzic said that he is glad and satisfied that so many people had shown up especially freshmen as the organizers were concerned about the weather forecasts and even were planning to postpone it. 

By 2 o’clock, the meat was ready and the majority of students with drinks in one and with dinnerware in the other formed a hungry line. Although, some people spent in the line up to 30 minutes everyone agreed upon that the meat was so delicious that it was worth waiting.

As soon as the hungry-anxious part of the day was over, people full and satisfied divided into groups of interests. Someone enjoyed playing American football, others were playing the guitar and the rest were spending the time in in a nice and friendly atmosphere in the sun that brightened up the cloudy day.

However, not everything went so smoothly. Might be because of the series of unfortunate events two visitors almost started a fight. Luckily, friends and organizers immediately intervened, so the incident hardly spoiled mood of the party and soon everything returned to its peaceful and friendly routine.  

“The event was a success”, believe the organizers and it’s hard to disagree. Now many students will return to their studies with lots of new friends and good memories of delicious food and a nice atmosphere.

The BBQ has become a tradition in AAU held twice a year: usually in the first two weeks of September and at the beginning of May. The first event aims at welcoming new students providing them with an opportunity to get to know their peers, alumni and teachers in an informal ambience, while the final BBQ is organized as a farewell party for exchange students and the last chance to get together before the summer break.  

By: Margarita Orlova