Gloomy weather fails to deter art enthusiasts

Heavy afternoon showers last night did not shy away a crowd of keen and curious art enthusiasts away from AAU’s reveal night of a statue which has left students and passers-by questioning.

Dean of the School of Journalism at the Anglo-American University Tony Ozuna, alongside sculptor Aleš Novák revealed what this artistic mystery was in front of a crowd of thirty people. 

Whilst onlookers were downing a cold pint in the cool evening weather 35-year old Novák went on to explain that his concrete sculpture was at first an abstract idea and later turned into a neo-classical style mix-up of numerous elements.

“The sculpture is actually part of a series of other sculptures I titled ‘Concerning the instability of the heart and about God as the ultimate goal” he said. 

Novák admitted that it took him just two weeks to complete the sculpture and bring it to the AAU courtyard. However, there were some complications. “We even had a mini Police escort just in front of the building to divert traffic while we were moving the truck into the courtyard”.

When looking at the piece one can see a horse leg sticking out, and what seems to be other animal parts from famous statues around the Golden City. Novák, however, said that the  point of the statue was to be left for personal interpretation. 

“You can see many different components in here, and you can imagine your own picture with this statue.”

Although the piece itself is part of a series with its own title, Professor Ozuna felt it right to give it the name ‘the Statue of Liberty Remixed’. A name that Novák was left quite surprised about. 

The statue is not the first art object appeared at the AAU courtyard. Many other sculptures and art expositions have been held at the AAU’s ‘ART Space’ previously as student paintings and photo exhibitions.

By: Raevenn Breen

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