This winter, snow has returned to the territory of the Czech capital again. Only for the 6 hours of last night, 15 cm of snow fell in addition to the snow that had already accumulated.

For the past  several years, the snow melted, barely touching the streets of Prague. Moreover, last winter there was not a single snowfall in the capital. The Czechs, as true lovers of winter sports, were tragically upset by this fact. That’s why snowdrifts in the capital are almost a blessing for its residents. 

Unfortunately, the quarantine restrictions spoiled this joyful event with a ban on visits to winter resorts, mountain slopes and ski lifts making it impossible to ski and snowboard. However, the locals still found a way to entertain themselves. They created an imitation of mountain trails right on the map of Prague. The trails were so captivating that some locals decided to take a ride on skis despite the restrictions of the Ministry of Health.

Anna Bogoslavets, 25, was a witness of this unpredicted event. Bogoslavets managed to capture how a pair of skiers drove straight through the main attraction of the city, Charles Bridge.


“I was so happy to see them! They gave me a childish delight!”, Bogoslavets said. “I watched them go laughing for a very long time”, she added. 

She also claimed that these skiers were not the only ones who participated.  The rumours say that some daredevils have already made a trip on skis around the city in the morning. However, neither the identity of the information distributors nor the identity of the skiers is known. 

It certainly seems like Prague residents are determined to make the most of the winter weather despite recent restrictions. The human spirit is invincible even in such difficult times!