Who doesn’t like spring? Lovely sunny mornings, when it’s not too hot to boil your brain cells, but hot enough to wear just your chick business jacket on a way to nearest café. Well, rainy February is not exactly spring.

However it does not matter if it is gloomy or sunny outside, Můj Šálek Kávy offers a pro-creative and inspiring environment 24/7. There are couple of small wooden tables with matching chairs. Each piece of furniture is an original but follows same sensually pleasing philosophy. Almost “Scandinavian mountain cottage” feeling is strengthened with a fireplace and a spacious bookcase which customers are encouraged to browse.

Apart form standard espresso, you can order alternatively prepared coffee such as Chemex or Aeropress. Oh. Did I mention the cappuccino? They make the old school ones. With foam rich and sooth and yet so creamy. The ones you cannot drink to get you ahead on your assignments. Should you try, you would fail. Simply because you would find yourself melting over that cup of heaven.

On top of that, you can get home-made lemonades, with unique tastes like ginger-pineapple or kiwi with peppermint. The caffe offers special breakfasts and lunch menu with the soup of the day.

Můj Šálek Kávy is also a good choice if you are a sweet-tooth, regardless if you are a vegan or a  vegetarian. I had an omelet with Gruyere cheese served with crunchy butter toast, and, let`s say, my mum could not make better. Sorry mum. For shopaholics there is a shopping corner, where it’s possible to buy delicious coffee and equipment for preparation. Thank God that me and my credit card are not friends lately.

So why you should go there? As waiter Pavel says:

Today we have potato soup.

Well, what would you expect from a hipster.

The café is nested close to Krizikova metro station at t
he heart of Karlín, one of the most hip districts of Prague.

By Natalie Hadwigerova