Love your friends? How about opening a company with them?

Here are four friends who have common interests in movies. These old friends made an online film magazine together. Pinbacker is Czech movie magazine created by four friends who have different tastes and occupations. They’re going to be wonderful editors today, not office workers. Today, we will be together at their meeting with four friends to make a movie magazine. Because today is a good day to make a magazine.

This is Pinbacker, an online film magazine. Pinbacker was published, beginning in 2013 by Adam and Jakub. The Czech online film magazine is full of reviews from various countries as well as Czech films. The magazine has no specific publishing date, but when a good movie comes out, it is then filled with movie reviews.

From the left side of this picture Linda Keršnerová, Adam Hencze, Jakub Brych, Lukáš Červený. Adam and Jakub wrote a film review as a hobby and submitted the review to a magazine. Then they came up with the idea of making an online movie magazine and have been running it with their friends since then. Linda and Lukas are relatively recent friends and movie review editors.

The members of Pinbacker meet once a month for a film magazine meeting. At the meeting, they decide who will write a movie review and which movies to review.

Most meetings do not have a special meeting place, usually in a member’s house or cafe. Who doesn’t like talking about movies with warm tea?

The atmosphere of the meeting is generally comfortable and friendly. Because they are close friends. They make a movie joke and continue their meeting together laughing.

Linda is the only female member of Pinbacker. Linda also makes sharp comments on movies. She is a relatively recent member, but she is doing her part as a movie review editor. Linda’s eyes shine when she talks about movies.

Their official meeting usually takes two to three hours after their work. But informal meetings begin next. They often go to the home of one of the members and spend time together after a movie magazine meeting.

Today they decided to rent VOD at Linda and Adam’s house and watch the movie. Usually, they run movie magazines by watching and reviewing movies separately. Today, however, they exceptionally decided to take time to watch the movie together.

Adam is the creator of this online film magazine, Pinbacker. He used his specialty as a programmer to design online movie magazines and build servers. Today we will watch the French animation he recommended.

While Adam is busy in front of the computer, Linda and Lucas are busy preparing snacks to eat together in the kitchen. Today’s snack is a sandwich with cheese-quite classic.

Movie and snacks are all set, but there are things you can’t miss to turn your home into a movie theater-a nice lighting.

We’re all ready to watch the movie. Without friends, there would be no movie magazines and no happy movie days. Friends, as always, are important things who bring happiness to our lives.