Meet Oleksandra Modelska

It’s the third year in the Student Council for me. There are two sub-bodies within the SC hierarchy, an Academic Committee and a Social Committee, which provides the horizon for all the events held at AAU. For the first time in my entire Student Council career, I am the Head of the Social Committee.
It’s the first time in history of the SC when females are actually the minority; normally, it’s the other way around. But, there are few people I’ve been working with for years now, such as Adi Hadzic, the President of the Student Council. You have this feeling that you are appreciated as a woman and as a member. At the same time, there is this feeling of safety – that there is someone to take care in case something goes wrong.
The hardest event we organized was the Ball. It was very difficult to hassle the venue, especially if you have no information how many people you expect, what is the dress code, and other details. We had it during the actual period of balls in Prague, and we wanted it to be very fancy. The Ball was the most difficult and the most rewarding at the same time – it was the first time the event was so popular among students.