Meet Nasifae Templeton

I decided to participate in Bali mission because this is a kind of my dream job. I was teaching second and third graders about environment. My first day was pretty good, but I realized how big a language gap is, so we needed to teach the basic words first – plastic, green, leaves. The best moment was when we were picking up plastic around the territory – kids really wanted to do that and lightened up every time we were coming to them. We did not only teach stuff, but learned basics about Bali culture, which is very different from Indonesian, and Balinese language, so we know how to say hi, goodbye, or get out of the way. I did a research on attitude to homosexual people in Bali; I went to couple of gay clubs and talked to one of the owners. As Hindu is the main religion there and nothing is said about gay people in their religious books, it is somehow tolerated. Though, people will still give you a look. My advice for someone who comes there would be learning the basics of the language and how to dress appropriately – people respect that very much.