“You’ll try to escape from something you can’t. Because it is part of you. It’s like being a soldier with PTSD. And that little frozen part of you starts running your life.”

At 6’6” action movie star Dolph Lundgren seems anything but fragile. When Ivan Drago, his infamous role, growled: “I will break you,” at Rocky Balboa in 1985, it fit the Swedish actor like a glove. Yet, softly talking about suffering and the path to healing and forgiveness, Lundgren reminds us to judge carefully. A child abused by his father, Lundgren’s success in Hollywood didn’t matter. He hid from the trauma by drinking and it almost sank him. He found cure in meditation and therapy at the age of 54.

It took the Swedish actor 42 years to ditch the social stigma and heal. Now, he helps others by sharing the message. Denying pain is one of the biggest tragedies of our time. So many people killed themselves over the shame of not coping well. Performing on 100% is an all-time standard and asking for help is a weakness. Dolph Lundgren, a man that has fame, money, and family, smashes this illusion. The real happiness starts and ends with you. Accept yourself and take care of yourself. Because: “If you heal yourself, you can heal others.”

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