Yet another academic year has kicked in, and once more the AAU Student Council was successfully voted in by the university’s community on Sept. 23.

Last Friday, the Council met on campus for their annual General Meeting, a five-hour long introductory and mandatory discussion session where new members were inducted and shown the ropes. The meeting also decided who the executive members of the Council would be.

You can expect to see some familiar faces on the Council returning from last year, such as President Adi Hadzic, who was elected into office by the Council for a second consecutive term.

“Our aim this year is to do at least one event per week to keep students active with Council activities, and to make our well-known events, such as the Annual Ball, more successful than last year,” Hadzic said. “We also hope to be more present on the academia side of things this year. We have put at least one member onto each school committee in order to keep the Council up to speed with what goes on in committees such as the Board of Trustees and Student Services.”

Five new members have been brought onto the Council: Arevik Zadoyan, Kristyna Mala, Liberta Dergam, Yelyzaveta Artamanova and Mark Reges.

This year’s Council is extremely diverse. With five male and five female members who come from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, Vietnam, Russia, Fiji, the United States, Armenia and the Czech Republic, it cannot become any more of a fruit salad than it already is!

Upcoming events for the next two weeks organized by Student Council include the AAU Spirit Week and the International Food Day on Oct. 7.

Here is a full list of the AAU Student Council members:

  • Adi Hadzic – President
  • Christopher Downs – Vice President
  • An Nguyen – Secretary
  • Kristyna Mala – Treasurer
  • Arevik Mayis – IT Specialist
  • Raevenn Breen – Public Relations Officer
  • Valerie Baradai – Public Relations Officer
  • Liberta Dergam – Club Coordinator
  • Yelyzaveta Artamanova – Member
  • Mark Reges – Member