Galerie Rudolfinum, Prague’s grandest contemporary art gallery, is celebrating its 100th exhibit since opening in 1994 with Krištof Kintera’s “Nervous Trees” exhibit.

This unusual mixed media exhibit displays art differently from the Baroque and Gothic found everywhere else in town, and it has been extended till the end of the year– open to the public free of charge until December 27.

The show is made up of odd sculptures, drawings, and installations, including electronic devices made into a complex landscape, entitled “Postnaturalia” (2016-2017). Walking from one room to another, anticipation runs high as visitors want to know what’s next. There is a “tree” from floor to ceiling created with colorful balls of leather and plastic (like Christmas ornaments), a pile of about 80 operating washing machines, and sacks of flour stacked to the glass ceiling in the same room as his mobile sculptures, “Nervous Trees”. One rarely has the opportunity to see art in such a way as this.

Krištof Kintera is a native of Prague (born 1973), known for his rather provocative, humorous, and thoughtful works. His most recent solo exhibitions have been at Prague City Gallery in 2012, Museum Tinguely, Basil in 2014 and Kunsthalle, Rotterdam in 2015.

This current exhibition at Galerie Rudolfinum also offers a Sunday Workshop for Children weekly from 15:00 to 17:30 for ages 6 to 12. This allows parents to explore the exhibition while their children are safe and learning new things at the gallery’s Artpark. The Galerie Rudolfinum has also published an anniversary newspaper featuring an interview with Kintera, a list of all one hundred projects since the founding of the gallery itself, and more.

Photo courtesy of Soukromá sbírka and Krištof Kintera

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