It does not matter whether you are a future fashion journalist or news reporter – as an AAU student you should be able to rely on the university to help you on the path to your desired job. One of the ways is to provide internship opportunities.

AAU journalism students interested in fashion journalism are now offered a new opportunity at College Fashionista ( The website run by NYC-based siblings explores latest college fashion trends, with interns around the world submitting pictures of stylish people on their campus.

AAU student Shelleah Pedersen is behind this new opportunity, as she was the first student in the Czech republic to intern at College Fashionista. And so far, she loves it. “I love fashion, so just finding and meeting new people who have really great outfits on is very exciting,” says Pedersen. “Also when people email or message me saying what I do is really cool, or that they really enjoyed my post, it is really rewarding.”

Pedersen has been interning for about a year, and is now quite experienced. She says she would recommend it to those with passion for fashion and an eye for detail. “I would say that you need to spend a good amount of time on it to ensure it’s the best it can possibly be,” says Pedersen.

For those interested in rather “traditional” internships there are opportunities at Prague Post or Radio Free Europe among others. Radio Free Europe’s mission is to promote democratic values in countries where free press is not a given. RFE offers an internship in their Communications Team and to be considered, the application needs to be sent at least eight weeks prior to preferred start date. Along with the application, you need to send a cover letter, CV and writing samples.

What about internships abroad? According to AAU Career Center manager Stephanie Lachman, when considering internship opportunities, most AAU students decide to remain in Prague. Although there are definite possibilities abroad for AAU students, it looks like those taking internships outside of Prague usually take them back in their home country.

One of the possible reasons is that students are unaware of the requirements of internships abroad. “Many students looking into for-credit internships start looking right before they register during their third year…. [when] internships abroad need to be applied for the season before the internship begins,” says Lachman.

Also, internship opportunities abroad are mainly available from EU organizations and are targeted at students of International Relations. One of the possible ways to gain experience in journalism abroad is through special organizations that offer internships in English-speaking countries.

One of these organizations is Australian Internships ( Their internships are available for the period of up to 6 months, and are promised to match your educational background. The company also promises to help students obtain a necessary visa.

However, when it comes to such organizations, Stephanie Lachman says she “looks at [them] a bit skeptically.” Their downfall are rather high fees: half a year in Australia would equal around 3000 AUD (60 000 CZK) excluding living costs and other expenses.

According to Lachman, AAU is able to work with the student in order to find a desired position, be it in Prague or abroad; therefore there is no need to turn to specialized organizations.

After graduation or during the summer, committed journalism students can consider internships, workshops or traineeships. Many major news corporations such as The Guardian, BBC or Reuters offer traineeships, some of them paid (check out

In particular, The Guardian offers an editorial work experience for those committed to journalism. It takes from a few days to two weeks and presents the student the opportunity to witness real-life multi-platform news organization. The traineeship is very competitive and applications need to be sent on time (check out

Journalism student Shelleah Pedersen says she definitely plans on taking internships abroad when she finishes her studies. She’d like to focus on fashion or travel journalism. “I want to work in a magazine, whether it be mine or a big name one,” says Pedersen. “I’d like to get an internship with magazines in either Australia or New Zealand, or maybe even try Cosmopolitan or National Geographic.”