By Rita Puhto

My first experience of Žižkov was through the window of a taxi that I had taken from the airport. The gothic style buildings, contrasted with graffiti and a cultural mix of local residents walking around. As the taxi pulled up to my apartment building, I didn’t know what to make of my surroundings. Over the course of a few weeks and lots of strolling around the area, I still couldn’t form a concrete image of the neighborhood which now was a home to me.

However, after spending six months in this area, with countless walks home at seven in the morning from one of the local 24-hour bars, I can definitely say, now I have a feeling of this place called Žižkov. The word I would use to describe this neighborhood full of bars, dodgy massage cabaret shows, various potraviny and interesting people, would be unique.

A typical reaction I get from others when I say that I live here is “How can you walk around at night especially since you’re a girl!” After getting over the desire to start a rant on some kind of sexist arguments, I just reply: “why not.” These spooky night photographs captured the essence of what I believe Žižkov is: which is a safe but mysterious place.